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Dan Jiji


Artist Statement:

Geometric Abstract Art

Numbers, algebra, and colorful geometric forms are my thing. Since I can remember, I had been passionate about lines and shapes that remind me of Islamic architecture’s perfectly organized geometric shapes. Today, I am following this passion using sophisticated programming to produce my art. I’ve embarked on an art project to create beautiful, colorful, mathematical designs.

Although I never owned a Spirograph, I was intrigued by designs made exclusively with straight lines. I set out to recreate similar designs employing an unused pen plotter at NYU’s Courant Institute. I played with mathematical formulas. I then tested colors and experimented with the number of lines drawn and the line thickness. Eventually, I developed my magic formula using one thousand lines as the optimal number of plot lines, with a fine line thickness, and just enough overlap. Soon, I was producing many beautiful images.

Today, I create Geometric Abstract Art plotted with one-thousand lines. The thousand intersecting straight lines somehow appear to twist and curve resulting in beautiful unique designs. Using natural mathematical formulas as a seed, my plots blossom with light and color. Mathematical simplicity, geometrical precision, and vibrant colors come together as a wonderful artistic surprise – like the Islamic art that first inspired me.


All prints are pressed using the sublimation process, where the ink is heat pressed into the coating of the metal, not just printed on the surface, promising longevity for the Metal Print.


These Metal Prints can be displayed indoors or out. UV Resistant for outside and/or in direct sunlight for extended periods.


The ultra-hard surface is scratch-resistant, making it an excellent choice for displays in high-traffic areas, or exhibits that will be handled frequently.


The coated aluminum surface is not porous, so it is a perfect choice for areas where hygiene is a concern, such as doctor’s offices and restaurants. Metal Prints are easily cleaned with any commercial glass cleaner.

Dan was born in Israel to refugee Jewish Iraqi parents. They immigrated to the United States when he was nine years old. He remembers Israel as very colorful with its fruits and flowers. Growing up without any toys, he invented games and played outdoors with others freely. Arriving in the modern United States was a cultural shock, especially in New York City. As a non-English speaking foreigner, he communicated best using his strong suits – mathematics and art. He was drawing at age two and mastered algebra by age 11.

His creative side flourished throughout his youth. As a high school teen, he was invited to participate in an NYU Program using the latest Computer systems, albeit long before PCs, printers, interactive screens, and the internet. He became quite proficient at programming as a tool, and he used it to make art using a motorized pen for plotting. It was truly fun and exciting to find mathematical formulas that would yield impressive art!

He always loved to draw and participated in an Arts Students League program in NYC where some of his drawings were displayed around the world. He enjoyed interacting with the many talented artists in the program. He even combined his interest in drawing with his computer skills and applied it to 3D animation just for fun!

Now, many years later, Dan is revisiting the path not taken. His joy in life is creating art that is meditative, fun, exciting, and mesmerizing. And his work truly inspires creativity – it’s never too late to create!